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Systems that control the environment in a building change withtime and use, and must be rebalanced accordingly. The designer must considerinitial and supplementary testing and balancing requirements for commissioning.Complete and accurate operating and maintenance instructions that includeintent of design and how to test, adjust, and balance the building systems areessential. Building operating personnel must be well trained, or qualified operatingservice organizations must be employed to ensure optimum comfort, properprocess operations, and economical operation. This chapter does not suggestwhich groups or individuals should perform a complete testing, adjusting, andbalancing procedure. However, the procedure must produce repeatable resultsthat meet the design intent and the owner’s requirements. Overall, one sourcemust be responsible for testing, adjusting, and balancing all systems. As partof this responsibility, the testing organization should check all equipmentunder field conditions to ensure compliance.TerminologyGeneral CriteriaAir Volumetric Measurement MethodsInstrumentsAir Testing, Adjusting, and BalancingBalancing Hydronic SystemsHydronic Balancing MethodsFluid Flow MeasurementBalancing Steam Distribution SystemsBalancing Cooling TowersVerification of Controls OperationThermal Performance VerificationOutdoor Air Ventilation VerificationTemperature Control VerificationTesting for Sound and VibrationField Survey for Energy AuditTAB ReportsNo. of Pages: 44

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook¿¿¿HVAC Applications