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This chapter discusses HVAC systems for industrial facilities for the production of process heat and power and for electrical generating stations and transmission facilities. Not every type of power plant is specifically covered, but the process areas addressed normally correspond to similar process areas in any plant. For example, wood-fired boilers are not specifically discussed, but the requirements for coal-fired boilers generally apply. Aspects of HVAC system design unique to nuclear power plants are covered in Chapter 29.
General Design Criteria
Ventilation Approach
Steam Generator Buildings: Industrial and Power Facilities
Turbine Generator Building
Combustion Turbine Areas
Main Control Center
Substation and Switchyard Control Structures
Turbine Lubricating Oil Storage
Oil Storage and Pump Buildings
Coal Crusher and Coal Transportation System Buildings
Heating/Cooling Systems
Energy Recovery
Safety Considerations
No. of Pages: 13

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook¿¿¿HVAC Applications