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The design of plant and animal housing is complicated becausemany environmental factors affect the production and well-being of livingorganisms. The financial constraint that equipment must repay costs throughimproved economic productivity must be considered by the designer. The engineermust balance costs of modifying the environment against economic losses of aplant or animal in a less-than-ideal environment. Thus, design of plant andanimal housing is affected by (1) economics, (2) concern for both workers andthe care and well-being of animals, and (3) regulations on pollution,sanitation, and health assurance.DESIGN FOR ANIMAL ENVIRONMENTSCooling and HeatingVentilationVentilation ManagementRecommended Practices by SpeciesDESIGN FOR PLANT FACILITIESGreenhousesPlant Growth Environmental FacilitiesOther Plant Environmental FacilitiesNo. of Pages: 25

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook¿¿¿HVAC Applications