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This chapter covers (1) basic processes for making synthetic fibers,(2) fabricating synthetic fibers into yarn and fabric, (3) relevant types ofHVAC and refrigerating equipment, (4) health considerations, and (5) energyconservation procedures. Most textile manufacturing processes may be placedinto one of three general classifications: synthetic fiber making, yarn making,or fabric making. Synthetic fiber manufacturing is divided into staple processing,tow-to-top conversion, and continuous fiber processing; yarn making is dividedinto spinning and twisting; and fabric making is divided into weaving andknitting. Although these processes vary, their descriptions reveal theprinciples on which air-conditioning design for these facilities is based.TerminologyFiber MakingYarn MakingFabric MakingAir-Conditioning DesignEnergy ConservationNo. of Pages: 7

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook¿¿¿HVAC Applications