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Community-scale modeling is a rapidly growing area ofinterest for planners, policy makers, and researchers.There are, however, few software tools that enablelarge-scale parametric studies of communities based ondetailed energy models of buildings. This paperpresents a tool called Params-NZP for automaticallygenerating and running full EnergyPlus models for theparametric analysis of entire communities.Params-NZP has been developed as one component ofa larger framework called the NZP Tool. Created by theUS Army Corps of Engineers as a decision-making aidfor Army planners and energy managers, the NZPframework provides a web-based graphical interfacethat allows users to model energy, water, and wastescenarios for hundreds of buildings at Army bases andinstallations. Such installations accommodatecommunities with typical populations between 10,000to 50,000 residents.The NZP framework interfaces with Params-NZP usingXML input and output files. Params-NZP itself iscomposed of a command-line application manager, ageneralized parametric template program calledParams, a “Net Zero” (NZ) template library forEnergyPlus, and a collection of prototype buildingmodels. The prototypical building models include 14Army building types, 16 commercial building types,and 4 residential building types.