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This paper presents a case study of an 11-story, 267,000 ft2 (24,804 m2) office building for San Francisco, California. Integrating building performance consultants early in the design process enabled strategic use of thermal, daylighting, energy use, and comfort modeling to produce a sustainable building with a high-performance exterior envelope. Analytical techniques included site shading evaluation, physical test cells of advanced daylighting products, and energy modeling parametrics during schematic design and design development phases. A method to evaluate the thermal comfort performance of curtainwall alternatives was developed to quantify human comfort conditions within the perimeter zone. This method utilizes noncommercial thermal performance software, including WINDOW and THERM, DOE2.1e and UCBCOMFORT, as well as a newly developed method of calculating mean radiant temperature (MRT).


Citation: Thermal Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings IX