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This document provides guidelines for monitoring, information exchange, and control for distributed resources (DR) interconnected with electric power systems (EPS).


This document provides guidelines to facilitate the interoperability of one or more DR interconnected with EPSs. Itdescribes functionality, parameters, and methodologies for MIC of DR interconnected with or associated with EPSs. DR technologies include fuel cells, photovoltaics, wind turbines, microturbines, and other distributed generators as well as distributed energy storage systems.This guide documents alternatives for sound practice based on current practice and includes both legacy and new MIC systems.


New IEEE Standard - Active. This guide is intended to facilitate the interoperability of distributed resources (DR) andhelp DR project stakeholders implement monitoring, information exchange, and control (MIC) tosupport the technical and business operations of DR and transactions among the stakeholders.The focus is on MIC between DR controllers and stakeholder entities with direct communicationinteractions. This guide incorporates information modeling, use case approaches, and a proformainformation exchange template and introduces the concept of an information exchangeinterface. The concepts and approaches are compatible with historical approaches to establishingand satisfying MIC needs. The IEEE 1547(TM) series of standards is cited in the U.S. FederalEnergy Policy Act of 2005, and this guide is one document in the IEEE 1547 series.