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The test methods and procedures included in this document cover stand-alone photovoltaic systems. Procedures provided are for conducting performance testing of individual components and complete systems. The methodology includes testing the system outdoors in prevailing conditions and indoors under simulated conditions.


This recommended practice provides test methods and procedures for determining stand-alone photovoltaic system performance and conducting design verification. Test procedures provided in this document are intended to assist designers, manufacturers, system integrators, users, and laboratories in conducting these performance tests.


New IEEE Standard - Active. This recommended practice presents tests to determine the performance of stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) systems and for verifying PV system design. These tests apply only to complete systems with a defined load. Performance testing is conducted outdoors under prevailing conditions over a period of about one month. These tests are intended to assist designers, manufacturers, system integrators, system users, and laboratories that will conduct the tests. System safety and component reliability issues are not addressed in this recommended practice.