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The performance of an integrated daylighting control system for electric light dimming and a motorized venetian blind with the illuminance ratio prediction method are presented in this paper. Basic control technique and parameters are examined with a workplane sensor control. Based on this, an integrated daylighting control system is developed with the predicted daylighting parameters by using an interior front wall sensor. The experimental results show that this system could maintain both the workplane illuminance level and the solar heat gains at desirable levels by control of a light dimming and shading device. Without explicitly determining daylight transmittance of the window system, the desirable daylight level was achieved with the controlled blind tilt angle, which was obtained from the predicted daylight angle with only one interior light sensor control. With active daylighting control, significant solar gain reductions can be achieved while maintaining the design workplane illuminance level.

Units: SI

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 111, pt. 1, Orlando 2005