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Indoor air quality (IAQ) is strongly affected by the various sources of indoor pollutants and the efficiency of the ventilation system. Higher ventilation demands pose an enormous energy penalty, particularly in the tropics, and this paper presents a new method of air conditioning that addresses both IAQ and energy issues. The newly developed energy-efficient method of air conditioning involves the independent control of temperature and humidity of two different airstreams. It is further enhanced to incorporate a new method of air distribution for independent control of ventilation air quantity at acceptable temperature and humidity conditions in congruence with the overall environmental conditions in the indoor space so that the desired setpoint conditions in the occupied space are achieved at all times of operation. Recent findings are encouraging, and adequate ventilation provision in different zones based on respective demand is observed with a potential to save energy up to 12% in the tropics.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 110, pt. 2