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The coefficient of performance (COP) is estimated from thermodynamic literature data using methods of Morrison and McLinden (1986) and reported for the ether R-E125 and the ether mixtures R-E218(50%)/R-E143a(50%), R-E218/ R-134a/R-161, R-E125(75%)/R-161(25%), R-E125/R-32/ R-152a, and R-E125/R-32/R-134a. The chemical formulae for the ethers R-E218, R-E143a, and R-E125 are CF3OCF2CF3, CF3OCH3, and CF3OCF2H, respectively. The binary mixtures are azeotropic mixtures with the azeotropic compositions given in mole fraction, and the ternary mixtures are equimolar mixtures. The calculated COP of the mixtures ranged from 80% to 90% of that for R-22 except for the azeotropic mixtures R-E125(75%)/R-161(25%) and R-E218(50%)/R-E143A, whose calculated COPs are lower. The calculations show that R-E125 and mixtures containing R-E218 would require superheat on the suction line to eliminate “wet compression.”

Units: Dual

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 110, pt. 2