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This paper reports our findings from a study in an institutional building complex in Singapore with significant load diversity, aimed at improving the energy efficiency of a conventional chilled water plant (CCWP) during a retrofitting activity. An energy simulation program is used for the evaluation of different energy conservation opportunities, preceded by an initial exploration involving a validation of the computer model with historic energy use through a comparison with actual energy data. The concept of an integrated retrofitting strategy is used that is aimed at optimizing component performance by a combination of different strategies. Retrofitting techniques for an old or conventional chilled water plant that relies on minimization of cooling demands and optimization of equipment can achieve roughly a 47% reduction in yearly energy use over CCWP. A further retrofit of the old equipment with energy efficient chillers and motors with VSD control will yield up to 51% energy conservation.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 109, pt. 1