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The objective of this study is to validate a commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model against temperature and particulate concentration measurements in a ventilation test room using validation criteria published in the Standard Guide for Statistical Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality Models (ASTM, D 5157-97). This study undertook four validation case scenarios for a CFD model. A ventilation test room was set up as a mixed air space containing a heat source and a cigarette source emitting particulate in a steady-state condition. The model was validated for both temperature and particulate concentration solutions in the mixed air test room. The room was then changed to have a displacement ventilation air arrangement. The model was again validated for predicted temperatures and was “borderline validated” for predicted particulate concentration in the displacement ventilation room. It is recommended that more research of model validation criteria be encouraged.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 109, pt. 1