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ASHRAE has recognized the growing demand for more comprehensive global coverage of weather data for HVAC applications around the world. This paper discusses a new World Wide Web (WWW) system developed under ASHRAE research project RP-1170, which provides the ASHRAE membership with access to information on major sources of international weather data. A survey was distributed to over 100 potential weather data sources in an effort to gather information on the type of data, ordering information, inventory information, etc. Responses were received from 30 different data providers who entered their information directly into a web-based form. A global weather data source (GWDS) database was developed, which provides rapid access to user queries from the web. Users are able to select a country from a map or country list, choose the type (i.e., hourly, daily, monthly, etc.) and element of climatic data in which they are interested, and then receive a list of data sources along with information on how to obtain that data. The GWDS database is dynamic in that new sources can be added as the information becomes available.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 108, pt. 2