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Full Description

The 43rd Edition provides a more practical approach to better define the actual use of the products in the catalog. All of these changes are aimed at making SJI products safer, simpler to use and more economical. This includes:
  • ANSI certified through consensus approval
  • Elimination of 8K1 joists and round rod bridging
  • Introduction of a new K-factor and slenderness chart for K-Series
  • Updates to the K-factor and slenderness chart for LH-Series
  • Introduction of a new Q factor for all crimped angles with compressive forces
  • Addition of a Joist Girder top chord transverse bending check and a node shear check
  • Extension of the DLH-Series to 120 inches deep and 240 feet long
  • Elimination of the term "Clearspan" in LH-/DLH-Series to agree with K-Series
  • All of the bridging requirements were clarified or corrected