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States that the performance gains promised by liquid overfeeding (LOF) technology developed for air conditioning applications offer an opportunity to dramatically improve performance of compact, rugged air conditioners for army use with a minimum increase in per-unit cost. Small incremental increases in performance have been rejected in the past as not cost-effective. Discusses the results of tests on an army air conditioner with a rated capacity of 39,644 Btu/h modified for LOF operation. Finds the LOF operation improves system performance over the baseline performance by a good margin in power consumption, cooling capacity and coefficient of performance at 35degC (95degF), ambient temperature and indoor conditions of 26.6degC (80degF) and 52% relative humidity. Points out that an optimal refrigerant charge is essential for LOF to work properly.

KEYWORDS: year 1997, Air conditioning, air conditioners, performance, military, testing

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1997, vol.103, part 1, paper number 4020, 107-112, 8 figs, refs.