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The ASHRAE method of predicting capillary tube performance, including the effect of suction line heat exchange, was experimentally evaluated for R12. Capillary tube-suction line heat exchangers are commonly used in household refrigerator application. For this study, performance test data were taken over a range of operating conditions and heat exchanger geometries applicable to household refrigerators. Measured mass flow rates and calculated effective subcooling values were compared to predictions using the appropriate ASHRAE design charts. Most mass flow rate data points fell within 5% of prediction, and all fell within 10% of prediction. Effective subcooling data were within 3degF (1.7degC) of prediction.

KEYWORDS: year 1995, calculating, capillary tubes, heat exchangers, performance, suction, domestic, refrigerators, R12, refrigerants, geometry, measuring, fluid flow, flow rate, subcooling, comparing, accuracy

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1995, Vol.101, Part 2, Paper number 3918 (RP-762) 434-442, 5 figs., 4 tabs., refs.