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Presents a simulation program suitable for the preliminary evaluation of refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures in a vapour compression cycle. States the model has been developed to simulate the performance of alternative refrigerants operating in a water-water heat pump test facility used for the testing of new working fluids. The model is used to calculate important performance characteristics including evaporator capacity, compressor shaft power, refrigerant mass flow, cooling coefficient of performance, etc. Carries out a comparative analysis of the thermodynamic performance of the heat pump operating with refrigerant R134a. Compares the predicted performances with data obtained experimentally for typical sets of system operating conditions.

KEYWORDS: Heat pumps, performance, calculating, comparing, computer programs, water water heat pumps, refrigerants, R134a, thermodynamics

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1994, vol.100, part 2, paper number 3797, 140-147, 8 figs, refs.