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The ASHRAE 472 research project determined the dynamic response of more than 200,000 zones to heat gains. These results were used to classify the zones and assign representative sets of weighting factors for any zone in the study. This produced tables allowing a designer to look up weighting factors for each heat gain for each heat gain component based on physical parameters of the zone. Additionally, the project classified walls and roofs in an effort to allow easy assessment of dynamic response for a wider variety of constructions than previously tabulated. Although these classification processes greatly reduced the table sizes relative to what would be expected for the parametric ranges considered, they were still too large for convenient manual use. Moreover, it was realised that the most common use would be in connection with computer analysis. For these reasons, the new Cooling and Heating Load Calculation Manual, developed under ASHRAE RP-626, will provide zone weighting factor and wall and roof transfer function tables on electronic media. Shows how these tables are implemented, including software programs for access.

KEYWORDS: electronic, tables, heat load, cooling load, calculating, reviews, heat gain, computers, computer programs, heat flow, walls, roofs.

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions 1993, Vol.99, pt.1