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The evaluation of heat and mass transfer parameters required to implement the idealised model of hot-gas defrosting presented in the companion paper (Krakow et al. 1992) is discussed. Simulated refrigerant leaving temperature and enthalpies are similar to experimentally obtained values, thus validating the idealised model and justifying the assumption made in order to idealise an actual defrosting process. Although a defrosting coil acts as a condenser, its characteristics are significantly different from those of a conventional condenser.

KEYWORDS: calculating, hot, gas, deicing, evaporators, experiment, heat flow, temperature, refrigerants, heat content, coils, condensers, cold rooms

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1992, vol.98, Part 1, Paper number 3586, 462-474, 13 figs., 4 tabs., 4 refs.