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As part of ASHRAE research project 527, the heat capacity of lithium bromide and water solutions has been measured over the nominal range of 100 deg C to 200 deg C and 45% to 65% LiBr by mass. The measurements were done by the classic "method of mixing" implemented with a drop calorimeter. From tests using water as a standard reference substance and allowing for the accuracy with which the solutions can be compared, the ultimate accuracy of this procedure is estimated to be +/- 1.2%. Practical effects degrade the accuracy somewhat, and for the entire series of measurements the accuracy of the data is estimated to be +/- 5%. The resulting data agree well within three sets of measurements by other investigators but disagree substantially with two older data sets. A polynominal regression model is presented to represent the data in practical calculations.

KEYWORDS: properties, lithium bromide, water, solutions, high temperature, specific heat, measuring, accuracy, calorimeters, calculating

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1992, vol.98, Part 1, Paper number 3556 (RP-527), 137-149, 11 figs., 8 tabs., refs.