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A method has been developed for generating thermodynamic properties of a pure gaseous substance at any given pressure and temperature using the Redlich - Kwong equation of state. An easy-to-use Fortran computer code has been developed to calculate the values of specific volume, compressibility factor, enthalpy, internal energy, entropy, Cv, Cp, Joule- Thomson coefficient, Gibbs function, fugacity coefficient, and Helmholtz function at the given state using generalized thermodynamic relationships presented in this paper. The output of the computer program may either be obtained in dimensional or nondimensional form for suitable applications. A simple error analysis indicated that the computer-generated property tables for various common substances were quite accurate when compared with the values given in the Appendixes of standard texts of thermodynamics. This paper contains the tables of thermodynamic properties in reduced (nondimensional) form also.

Units: SI