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A simplified energy audit technique for generic buildings is developed. The premise is that buildings in similar climates and with similar patterns of use and thermal characteristics (structural mass and R-value) should have similar total energy usages if operated in an energy efficient manner. The deviation in the actual total energy usage from that expected for energy-efficient operation can then be examined, in conjunction with the findings of a building walk-through, in order to identify opportunities for energy conservation. The index used for comparison is the Energy Utilization Index (EUI), the total site energy used per square foot per year. The procedure is illustrated by application to the generic class of Mississippi public school buildings. Validation is achieved by examining the sensitivity of building parameters and energy usage and by observations made in using the simplified procedure. The results show that the simplified technique gives results with as much fidelity as more labor intensive energy-auditing procedures and that the technique is viable for generic classes of buildings.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, 1986, vol. 92, pt. 2A, Portland, OR