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  1. NORSOK A-101 N

    Regler for organisering, utvikling og utfrelse av NORSOK-arbeid

    standard by NORSOK, 12/01/2013.


  2. NORSOK C-001

    Living quarters area

    standard by NORSOK, 03/10/2015.

    Languages: English

  3. NORSOK C-002

    Architectural components and equipment

    standard by NORSOK, 09/25/2015.

    Languages: English

  4. NORSOK C-004

    Helicopter deck on offshore installations

    standard by NORSOK, 06/04/2013.

    Languages: English

  5. NORSOK D-001

    Drilling facilities

    standard by NORSOK, 12/11/2012.

    Languages: English

  6. NORSOK D-002

    Well intervention equipment

    standard by NORSOK, 06/25/2013.

    Languages: English

  7. NORSOK D-007

    Well testing systems

    standard by NORSOK, 09/23/2013.

    Languages: English

  8. NORSOK D-010

    Well integrity in drilling and well operations

    standard by NORSOK, 06/26/2013.

    Languages: English



    NORSOK E-001 [ Withdrawn ]

    This document has been replaced. View the most recent version.

    Electrical systems

    standard by NORSOK, 07/06/2007.

    Languages: English

    Historical Editions: NORSOK E-001:2016

  10. NORSOK E-001:2016

    Electrical systems

    standard by NORSOK, 12/15/2016.

    Languages: English

    Historical Editions: NORSOK E-001