Techstreet Enterprise Testimonials

What customers are saying about Techstreet Enterprise:

"Before we got Techstreet Enterprise, people used to call me constantly, asking where the standards were. It was a logistical nightmare. Now they can simply sit at their desk and log in. I know that wherever they are, they're getting exactly the information they need. -- Sally Remedios, Delta Faucet Company
"Maintaining a paper library is clumsy, and not very efficient. We find better value in a digital distribution system, where everyone has access to the same information 24/7. It also makes updates much easier, so I always know our engineers are using the most current information. This saves a lot of time in expensive re-design and tooling." -- Senior Research Librarian, Global Medical Device Manufacturer
"Techstreet has met our needs and expectations with the standards subscription services you provide. As you know, our contract includes a significant number of international codes and standards that we deploy in 40 global offices. Our large user population is increasing daily. I have been pleased with after-order service and the prompt attention that we receive when we contact the members of your team." -- Chief Engineer, Global Engineering, Construction and Services Company
"Last year our organization subscribed to Techstreet Enterprise. The main reason for choosing Techstreet was that they were able to provide a global solution for the latest access to the documents we required.

I have found the system very reliable and easy to use and have had not encountered any problems to date. The support I received when setting up the subscription was excellent and it is very likely that we will continue to subscribe to this service with Techstreet." -- K. Spencer, GE Oil & Gas
"I've been told by several engineers and scientists in my firm that they think that our online Techstreet Enterprise is one of the top two resources that we've added in the past year." -- S. Cohen, Librarian, CDM
"We researched subscription services and chose Techstreet for cost, convenience of web-based application and being able to choose our own content. Other providers only sell packages they want to place on our server, forcing us to keep up with changing content. We don't have time for that. We save money too, by not having to purchase full sets that we'll never use and duplicate hard copies for regional offices." -- S. James, Matrix Service Company
"Using out-of-date or inaccurate standards can result in construction change orders, increased costs, material replacement, project delays, even legal liability. Techstreet Enterprise has proven to be the perfect solution to these problems. We know that our consultants and our in-house product development teams are always working with the latest standards - which is vital to our success. The service is extremely cost-effective, and the usage reports give us a clear measure of how often and how well it's being used. Techstreet Enterprise turned out to be the perfect solution. I only wish we'd implemented it sooner." -- T.J. Gottwalt, Assa Abloy Door Security Solutions
"I like being able to invite co-workers to the site with little or no hassle. The site is very easy to manage and use - I was able to train my entire team in about a half hour. Because the files reside on the Net, I can get access to them from anywhere, even if I am off-site." -- J. Demrjian, GE Lighting Test Laboratories
"We currently have 300 users and I have not received complaints from any of them. The site is easy to navigate. Getting stats is also simple. I wish it was as easy to get usage stats from our other online resources. The customer service is far above average. I usually have to wait a day or two for a response from some of our other vendors. Sometimes I have a user on the phone or in my office waiting for an answer to his/her question. Our users are important to us, so responding to their questions in a timely manner helps us maintain our satisfaction rate. I will continue to add content to our subscription as items become available." -- P. Artiago, Northrup Grumman
"Thank you, your service excels all that I have received from anyone else and it is greatly appreciated. You definitely know your stuff and you have a lot of patience for people, like me, who do not always know what they are doing. Great job, and thank you for being the nice guy." -- J. Green, Skystone Engineering
"Howdy Peggy: As you probably remember, I was in a slight disagreement with one of our competitors over some issues concerning the measurement of drive chains in the draw works installed on the rig. Both the competitor and WEST were using an out-of-date API document to base our opinions on. Your assistance with the Techstreet online Enterprise brought WEST into the 21st century and better prepared. The old API Spec 7F referenced ANSI specs and the new API Spec 7F references ASME B29. Your assistance and phone support not only kept us up-to-date but it also stopped any argument dead in its tracks. Case closed. Chalk another one up for WEST. I appreciate all you do. WEST would not have been so successful in the disagreement had it not been for you." -- Field Surveyor, West Engineering
"Standards govern the maintenance of our pipelines and facilities. We have a huge investment in equipment, and a large staff of engineers trained in maintenance and safety. It's one of the key reasons for our success over the years. Today, 90% of our maintenance engineers are working with laptops in the field. Our guys are not computer professionals, just average users like you and me. I haven't heard one single complaint with the Techstreet system. It's easy to use and compatible with our laptops. With the usage reports, I was able to show my boss exactly how much we use the system and it's great for filing compliance reports. It works like a gem for us. We really enjoy using it." -- A. Geis, Colonial Pipeline Co.