Techstreet Testimonials

Here are some of the ways we've helped others:

"Thanks for the great service! We order standards all the time, I will be using your company more often. Thanks again!" -- L. Tolbert
"I absolutely love Techstreet. It has made my life easier, knowing I am getting update notices and can reference an accurate library of standards in one location." -- K. Grundy
"May I say how stunned I am at your organisation's efficiency. I ordered a hard copy of a publication from you on Friday afternoon - and it was sitting on my desk when I arrived at work on Monday morning. Given that my desk is in Canberra Australia - that's FAST service!" -- G. Currie
"I would just like to say that we started using Techstreet a short time ago. I was very skeptical, but I must admit it is the most helpful service." -- B. Souza
"I appreciate the efficiency and ease of use provided by your publication download system. Compared with two other publication service providers, the web page layout, order and purchasing section, and speed of product delivery is the best - by far. In other instances I've either had to wait several hours for the download or call customer service. Furthermore, your prices are fair - given the cost of products from ISO, ASME, ANSI and API. Good job!" -- M. Engblom-Bradley
"I would have to say Techstreet is my ultimate favorite site for downloading online, let alone downloading standards. I make alot of purchases over the internet on behalf of Union Gas Limited and need it to be fast, easy to navigate, no hassle ordering. PDFs are instant and time line for hard copy delivery is overnight. I especially like the standard tracking service. Takes all the worry out of wondering when/if new updated versions will be posted, or whether my customers are using the latest standard's version." -- J. Parry
"I really appreciate the update notice your system sent me recently regarding a revised standard. It allowed me to alert a very large customer regarding changes and enhanced our status as a pro-active and competent supplier." -- B. Elbich
"You have definitely gone above and beyond in our book! Your thorough and dedicated search is a great service." -- J. Jones
"I think your website is excellent and is one of the more valuable tools I use in my job. Keep up the good work and thanks again." -- E. Monteon
"Thanks so very, very much for all of your time and assistance. Techstreet's excellent customer service is one reason why I keep coming back." -- K. Reiling
"I know I have already told you once this week, but your company is awesome! I'm so pleased you were able to find that AODC code for me --- I really appreciate all of your help." -- M. Swift
"It's nice to get true personal service and it is much appreciated. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your business." -- J. Taylor
"I am quite impressed with the celerity that you show in distributing these standards as they become available." -- D. Windschitl
"You are a goldmine of resourcefulness! We searched for the past two weeks and found only a few of the standards. You found them all in a few minutes." -- R. Kraemer
"It is so nice to find people and organizations still having the word 'service' in their company directory. Well done." -- E. Van den Wijngaerd
"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful representative you have in Adam. A big part of my day is spent talking to customer service reps so when I say he's good I know what I'm talking about. Adam was extremely helpful. He addressed my issues quickly and politely and I was left with the impression he really cared and actually likes what he was doing. Thank-you." -- S. Osborn
"Thank you very much. You have been very helpful and I will recommend your company to all of my associates." -- W. Hubenak
"I just received my first order from Techstreet and I'm very impressed. Yes, you offered the specification at the same price as ASME, but I think your method of packaging is superior. First the shrink rap, and then the most impressive mailer envelope -- heavy duty. Like everybody else,I hate to get anything in a damaged condition. Your packing method is better than any I've encountered. I'll be back!' -- J. Grey
"Dear Techstreet: I love your unlimited tracking service; you've removed a large headache for me. Thank you." - S. Burnett
"Your site is a great place to buy standards! I've bookmarked it." -- F. Sassi
"Dear Techstreet: Excellent service for 2005 (standards monitoring free of charge). I like how it's web based and customers handle their own lists of standards to be monitored and can edit at any time, and it's a breeze to set up. I'm looking forward to adding Techstreet as one of our main standards suppliers." -- I. Marrachinho
"Just wanted you to know your web site ordering works very well. I'm glad it stored my information even though I was not able to complete my order yesterday. I appreciate not having to re-enter my address again. And when I had a typo in my password, you emailed it to me in seconds. Thanks!" -- E. Taylor
Dear Lewis: Thanks for your quick fix. The integrity of my document configuration control is in your hands, so responses like this only give me more confidence in your organization. Keep up the good work! Best regards." -- Shirley
"Thank you for the information regarding this publication. I signed up for the document tracking service... finally someone makes my life a little easier!" -- M. Bryles
'What a find this site is for any documentation coordinator! Thanks!" -- N. Benedict
"Thank you for the outstanding service you've provided throughout the past year. Your fast delivery, billing options and of course, the standards themselves have exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward to another year with Techstreet in the toolbox!" -- A. Chaiser
"Of all the sources that I purchase items for my library, I have to say Techstreet is the slickest - fast, easy and efficient." -- B. Wunderlich
"I successfully downloaded the standard that I needed. Your instructions were easy to follow. I wish other systems were as easy to use as yours." -- T. Wooley