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The Experience Exchange Report (EER) was first published in 1920 to allow property professionals to share information as they sought to manage and operate buildings in the fast-evolving skyscraper landscape. Since that time, BOMA International has been the leader in providing annual income and expense data for commercial buildings—and has moved this data online to interactive databases produced in conjunction with Kingsley Associates.

Now known as the Office Experience Exchange Report (Office EER), this resource offers the industry's most comprehensive and accurate income and expense data for the office sector. It's no wonder the Office EER has been commercial real estate's most trusted benchmarking tool for nearly a century. Use the Office EER to help benchmark your asset's financial performance, increase operational efficiency, build better budgets and much more.

The same level of benchmarking excellence you have come to expect from BOMA International for the office sector is also now available for industrial properties with the Industrial Experience Exchange Report (Industrial EER). First launched in 2015, the Industrial EER is the only benchmarking resource in the commercial real estate industry specifically tailored to the industrial sector.

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