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Full Description

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of many factors that make a dwelling healthy, comfortable, and functional. Good IAQ is nearly invisible; poor IAQ can have a negative effect on health and comfort. Achieving good IAQ throughout the life span of a home requires a commitment to indoor air quality when buying, renting, and designing and maintaining that focus throughout construction, operation, and maintenance.

This guide addresses single- and multifamily dwellings, unrestricted by building size or HVAC system type. It was written by experts in residential IAQ and presents best practices to achieve excellent IAQ. It provides information and tools that residents, home designers, and builders can use to integrate IAQ into dwellings while addressing budget constraints and other functional requirements.

This guide presents the best available information to allow informed decision-making, with eight objectives for improving IAQ and detailed implementation strategies:

  • Objective 1 - Acquire, Design, Construct, and Operate a Dwelling to Achieve Good IAQ
  • Objective 2 - Manage Moisture
  • Objective 3 - Limit Contaminant Entry into the Living Space
  • Objective 4 - Control Moisture and Contaminants Related to Mechanical Systems
  • Objective 5 - Limit Contaminants from Indoor Sources
  • Objective 6 - Keep Contaminants in their Place
  • Objective 7 - Reduce Contaminant Concentrations Through Ventilation, Filtration, and Air Cleaning
  • Objective 8 - Minimize Energy Use, Maximize Comfort, and Address Interactions of Factors that Affect IAQ

Citation: ASHRAE Book