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Full Description

This book discusses datacom equipment as well as a building & trade structure and infrastructure in a holistic way while providing best practices for their design and installation. This book is divided into four main sections. Part 1, Introduction, gives an overview of the best practices in the design of datacom equipment centers, including recommendations for new and renovated building structures, building infrastructure, and datacom equipment. Part 2, Building Structure, covers the design of new and existing structures. In Part 3, Building Infrastructure, the structural considerations of the building & trade infrastructure, raised-access floor systems, and vibration sources and their control are discussed in detail. The last part of this book, Datacom Equipment, covers shock and vibration testing, seismic anchorage systems and analysis of datacom equipment. Table of Contents.

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Keywords: datacom equipment centers, vibration, structural, infrastructure

Format: PDF

Citation: ASHRAE Book

Structural and Vibration Guidelines for Datacom Equipment Centers is not an ASHRAE Guideline and has not been developed in accordance with ASHRAE's consensus process.

Citation: ASHRAE Book