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This product is a PDF that contains links to files that consist of PowerPoint slides synchronized with the audio-recording of the speaker (recorded presentation), PDF files of the slides, and audio only (mp3) as noted.

There are strong relationships between a school classroom's healthy indoor environment (IEQ) and its student wellness and productivity. The seminar describes why reductions in classroom contaminant levels are needed to create and maintain healthy schools. Arguments for the inclusion of contaminant level measurements in an IEQ improvement program, for reducing the amount of contaminants in a classroom, and for the implementation of a school environmental health program are also discussed. Recent research projects and actual case studies will substantiate the relationship between healthy public school classrooms and student attendance, health and performance.

5-1 Schools as Pediatric Environments
Larry Lowry, Ph.D.
This product contains: Recorded Presentation, Audio (mp3), Slides (pdf)

5-2 School IEQ Sensor Development and Application
John J. Vasselli
This product contains: Recorded Presentation, Audio (mp3), Slides (pdf)

5-3 Elements of EPA's School Environmental Health and IAQ Programs
Stacy Murphy
This product contains: Recorded Presentation, Audio (mp3), Slides (pdf)


Citation: ASHRAE Seminar Recordings, 2013 Winter Conference, Dallas, TX.