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This product is a PDF that contains links to files that consist of PowerPoint slides synchronized with the audio-recording of the speaker (recorded presentation), PDF files of the slides, and audio only (mp3) as noted.

Data Centers account for an ever increasing consumption of energy. With continued advances in server technology the requirements for power and cooling will increase, almost exponentially, over the next several years. Continuing to do things in the same fashion will no longer be an option. This session will explore three areas that offer significant increase in energy efficiency, if understood and properly used. First we'll discuss divorcing the control of the fans in CRAH or CRAC units from the control of the coil or coil and compressors. When done properly we can much closer match CRAH/CRAC cfm to server cfm. Secondly we will take an in depth look at several means of recovering the waste heat from servers. Different data centers offer different opportunities and the ability to match the correct technology determines the degree of savings and simplicity of control. Lastly we will explore the opportunities offered by utilizing hydrothermal energy. The possibility for a "net –zero" energy data center will be discussed and analyzed.

The Benefits of Static Pressure Control In Data Centers (CH-12-C001)
David Moss
This product contains: Recorded Presentation Audio (mp3) Slides (pdf)

Data Center Air Energy Recovery Techniques (CH-12-C002)
John C. Peterson, P.E., Member, Doug McLellan, P.E., Member, Ecton English, P.E., Member
This product contains: Recorded Presentation Audio (mp3) Slides (pdf)

The Prospect of Hydrothermal Net-Zero Energy Data Centers (CH-12-C003)
Tadeusz Jagusztyn, Member
This product contains: Recorded Presentation Audio (mp3) Slides (pdf)

Citation: ASHRAE Seminar Recording, 2012 Winter Conference, Chicago, IL