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This paper presents the preliminary results of an effort to develop and apply a field test to evaluate theASHRAE/CIBSE/USGBC Performance Measurement Protocols (PMP) Intermediate and Advanced Level IndoorEnvironmental Quality (IEQ) performance protocols in a case-study building in Central Texas. In accordance with theIntermediate and Advanced Level IEQ protocols, a comprehensive instrumentation cart was developed to collect continuousdata from several IEQ-related parameters, including: air and globe temperatures at four levels, humidity, air speed, CO2,VOCs, horizontal and vertical illuminance level, as well as A-weighted and C-weighted sound pressure levels. Using thedeveloped instrumentation cart, continuous IEQ measurements were conducted in several office spaces of a case-studybuilding from July to September 2011. In addition to the instrumented measurements, an occupant 'right-now' survey ofthermal sensation and comfort was concurrently conducted. The data collected were then analyzed and compared with theappropriate PMP recommended benchmarks.

Citation: ASHRAE Trans., vol. 118, pt. 2, San Antonio, TX