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Notes that rapid activation of fire protection systems in response to a growing fire is one of the important factors required to provide life safety and property protection. Airflow caused by the HVAC system can significantly modify the flow of smoke along the ceiling and must be taken into consideration when a particular system is designed. Currently standards used to guide the design of systems contain little quantitative information concerning the impact of airflow produced by HVAC systems. Describes the results of a series of numerical simulations of smoke movement in response to HVAC flows resulting from slot diffusers, slot returns and rectangular returns. The computer model calculated activation times throughout the fire-driven flow field.

KEYWORDS: year 1997, Fire protection, fire, air flow, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, calculating, sensors, designing, slot diffusers, diffusers, return air

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Trans. 1997, vol.103, part 1