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This paper is based on findings resulting from ASHRAE Research Project RP-1312.

The validation process and result of a dynamic air handling unit (AHU) model (referred to as 1312 model hereafter) are discussed in this paper. The development of the 1312 model is summarized in a companion paper. Strategies to validate the model using experimental data mostly from common system operations are designed. If problems were identified using system operation data, follow up component model calibration is used to modify and improve the model. A series of experiments were designed and implemented to obtain pressure resistance parameters for the supply duct system and mixing box dampers. Building operation data from winter, summer, and spring seasons were used to validate the 1312 model. Good agreements were achieved between experimental data and simulation outputs for the 1312 AHU model, especially for summer and winter seasons. When using 1312 model to simulate AHU operation for spring season conditions, simulated outdoor and supply airflow rates and supply air temperature, while tracking experimental data, showed certain level of oscillation.

Units: Dual


Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 116, pt. 1, Orlando 2010