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Measuring and rating noise generated by air moving, handling, and distribution units is covered by a number of standards. These standards are written by different groups, including ASHRAE, AMCA, ADC, and ARI, each with their own emphasis and sound rating procedures. This causes difficulty when writing specifications and/or attempting to accurately verify performance after installation. Coordinating and standardizing a common procedure for rating sound levels is desirable.

Manufacturers' sound data, resulting from current standards, can be inconsistent and seldom represent real situations. For example, selecting terminal units depends on room effect corrective factors applied to the sound power level. One standard allows these corrective factors to be built in to published NC ratings. These factors often result in higher than anticipated noise levels. This paper addresses the overlapping areas of different standards and demonstrates where further standardization effort should be expended.

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, 1984, vol. 90, pt. 2B, Kansas City, MO