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States there is growing evidence that comfort of one's own individual environment in the workplace has a positive impact on productivity. Just as important is the perception of control of one's own environment in the workplace. Concentrates on positive productivity gains linked to these two factors as well as field-proven benefits associated with using environmentally responsive workstation (ERW) systems especially when used in an open floor-plan setting. Illustrates a typical ERW setup diagrammatically. Points to productivity gains of between 2.8% and 8.6% with their use, depending on the type of work. Demonstrates that a 3% productivity gain gives 2,925,000 dollars/year in the average 500,000ft2 (46,000m2) office. Refers to several studies into office comfort and its effect on productivity which reinforce the claims made for ERW.


Citation: ASHRAE Journal, vol. 39, no. 9, September 1997