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Whereas in the past, ventilation was automatically linked to indoor air quality control, there is nowadays more interest in ventilation as an energy efficient strategy to achieve thermal comfort and good indoor air quality. To reach these targets and manage hybrid ventilation systems, simples and advanced control strategies are therefore needed. This paper presents examples of developed and a numerically and experimentally assessed control strategy architectures of hybrid ventilation controllers. In order to carry out a choice of control parameters and evaluation techniques, we have first developed and numerical tool (HYBCELL1.0) and an experimental device (HYBCELL test cell). As a first approach, simple control strategies have been tested. More complex control strategies based on hierarchical fuzzy controllers have then been developed. To allow an objective evaluation of the controllers using comfort, indoor air quality, energy and stability criteria, fitness functions have been used to compare the relative performances of developed control strategy architectures.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 115, pt. 1, Chicago 2009