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Most components contained in a refrigerating system can be readily identified by a common or generic name such that they are immediately recognizable as to their specific nature. However, this is not true for oils used as the compressor lubricants in refrigerating systems. Refrigeration oils can vary widely in composition and type depending on their source. Therefore, the term "refrigeration oil" has little meaning with regard to identifying or defining a particular oil. ASHRAE rules prohibit the use of commercial names or designations in Society sponsored meetings and publications. This Standard provides a means for identifying unused refrigeration oils in terms of their physical and chemical characteristics using recognized test procedures common to the refrigeraton and petroleum industries.

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Document History

  1. ASHRAE ***WITHDRAWN***Standard 99-2006

    ***WITHDRAWN***Standard 99-2006 -- Refrigeration Oil Description (ANSI approved)

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  2. ASHRAE 99-1987


    Standard 99-1987 -- Refrigeration Oil Description

    • Historical Version