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A 2.5-RT multi-GEHP system featuring a combination of one outdoor unit and up to four indoor units has been developed in response to recent needs of the 1-hp (about 8,888 Btu/h in cooling) business-purpose air conditioner class to provide cooling/heating in multiple rooms. The adoption of heat recovery from the engine, electric expansion valves, microcomputer control, and the control to prevent malfunctions allowed the following technical improvements to the GEHP system and made practical use possible. 1. Improvement of heating capacity, 2. improvement of the heating COP, 3. realisation of no-defrost heating, and 4. improvement of heating capacity and COP in cold climates.

KEYWORDS: developing, gas engine heat pumps, heat pumps, unit air conditioners, cooling, heating, rooms, heat recovery, computer controls, thermal capacity, coefficient of performance, expansion valves

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1992, vol.98, Part 1, Paper number AN-92-10-2, 982-988, 9 figs., 6 tabs.