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A sequential box model (SBM) is proposed that predicts the instantaneous contaminant concentration at arbitrary points in a three-dimensional enclosure when the contaminant generation rate varies with time and location. The method can also accommodate time-varying ventilation flow rates and contaminant concentrations in the makeup air supply. The method is used to predict the passenger breathing zone concentrations of (a) cigarette smoke, when passengers smoke following some describable schedule, and (b) carbon monoxide, when exhaust from a vehicle is drawn into the air intake of the vehicle behind it. The critical parameter affecting the accuracy of the method is the selection of exchange coefficients that describe the transport of air and contaminants from one box to another.

KEYWORDS: motor cars, ventilation, calculating, contaminants, content, air change rate, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, occupiers, exhaust gases, air supply, accuracy.

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions 1993, Vol.99, pt.1