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Results of a demonstration project to evaluate the performance of groundwater heat pumps in residential space conditioning applications are presented. Fifteen groundwater heat pumps installed in single-family residences throughout New York State were monitored from the fall of 1982 to the spring of 1984 using a microprocessor-based data acquisition system with remote accessing and data retrieval capability. Data were collected on a unit cycle basis and were summarized for each month in addition to each heating/cooling season. Performance data, homeowner economics, electrical demand characteristics, and factors influencing performance were evaluated. The demonstration has shown that the seasonal performance factors of groundwater heat pumps can vary significantly depending upon the type of groundwater system used, overall system design and installation, and system operating practices. The seasonal performance factors for the heat pumps monitored during the demonstration project ranged from 1.9 to 3.0.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, 1986, vol. 92, pt. 2A, Portland, OR