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This paper describes the results of ASHRAE research project 385. The objective of the research was to develop a more refined grid of dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature bin data, with accompanying solar data, than that currently available in other publications. The intended use of these data is for input to recently developed models for simplified energy calculations and for generating variable-base degree-day information.

The primary purpose of the research project was to produce bin weather data from ASHRAE’s WYEC (Weather Year for Energy Calculations) tapes so that simplified energy calculations could be compared to the hourly calculations using the WYEC tapes as input. Both the WYEC and bin data are intended for energy calculations but are not to be used for design load predictions.

The data produced under this project include bin data covering the full range of dry-bulb temperatures (with mean coincident wet-bulb and daytime coincident solar radiation),wet-bulb bins down to freezing temperature (with mean coincident dry-bulb), wind speed bins with prevailing direction, and heating and cooling degree hours to nine different temperature bases. All of these data are tabulated in six separate time periods and total daily categories for monthly and annual periods.

The resulting data from the project are available from ASHRAE in both Inch-Pound and SI units in hard copy and in magnetic media (magnetic tape and floppy diskettes) for use on large-scale computers as well as on microcomputers. The 51 cities included in this compilation are the same as those contained on the WYEC weather tapes.

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, 1985, vol. 91, pt. 1A, Chicago, IL