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This standard mainly covers performance checks carried out on test arrangements used to assess anti-corrosion systems. Users of this standard are also requested to consult other relevant standards and regulations and are advised that individual test conditions may be also agreed upon on a case by case basis. As it cannot be ruled out that specimens, on which different anti-corrosion systems have been applied, may interact, it is recommended that different anti-corrosion systems be tested separately. If various anti-corrosion systems applied to different test materials are to be tested together, it should be taken into account that the sulfur dioxide tends to have diverse effects on the materials under test and that results are, therefore, not always reproducible. Unless the anti-corrosion systems compared are similar to one another, it may be difficult to draw reliable conclusions with regard to their effectiveness under service conditions. In the same way that corrosive test conditions differ considerably from those occurring in service, so do the levels of protection afforded by anti-corrosion systems.