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About This Item


Full Description

Provides requirements for sidepocket mandrels used in the petroleum and natural gas industry. API 19G1 includes specifying, selecting, designing, manufacturing, quality control, testing, and preparation for shipping of side-pocket mandrels. This specification does not address nor include requirements for end connections between the side-pocket mandrels and the well conduit. The installation and retrieval of side-pocket mandrels is outside the scope of this part of ISO 17078. Additionally, this Internatinal Standard does not include specifications for center-set mandrels, or mandrels that employ or support tubing-retrievable flow control devices. This specification does not include gas-lift or any other flow-control valves or devices, latches, and/or associated wire line equipment that may or may not be covered in other ISO specifications. The side-pocket mandrels to which this specification refers are independent devices that can accept installation of flow control or other devices down-hole.

Document History

  1. API Spec 19G1


    Side-pocket mandrels, First Edition, Includes Errata (2014)

    • Most Recent
  2. API Spec 11V1 (R2008)

    Specification for Gas Lift Valves, Orifices, Reverse Flow Valves, and Dummy Valves

    • Historical Version

Amendments & Errata

  1. API Spec 19G1 Errata


    Errata to API Spec 19G1: Side-pocket mandrels