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Essential reading for manufacturers, equipment inspectors, purchasers and all those with responsibility for the performance testing and safe operation of aviation fuelling hoses and their assembly.

This publication has been prepared jointly by the Energy Institute Aviation Committee and the American Petroleum Institute Aviation Technical Services Sub-Committee, with technical input from hose manufacturers and other industry stakeholders. It addresses performance requirements and manufacturer's test procedures for aircraft fuelling hose, hose couplings and hose assemblies suitable for a broad range of aviation fuel servicing equipment, including fuellers and hydrant servicers.

It is broadly aligned with the requirements of EN 1361 Type E hose has been reintroduced to this sixth edition of API/IP 1529 with the metallic conducting helical support embedded in a conductive layer but it is not a requirement to have the two additional electrically conductive wires.

Each purchaser should conduct test verifications independent of any tests or inspections performed by the hose manufacturer. Such user tests should be performed in accordance with this standard.


Document History

  1. API Std 1529


    Aviation Fuelling Hose and Hose Assemblies, Sixth Edition

    • Most Recent
  2. API 1529

    Aviation Fueling Hose

    • Historical Version