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Full Description

'This Standard provides minimum design load requirements during construction for buildings and other structures. It addresses partially completed structures and temporary structures used during construction. The loads specified are suitable for use either with strength design (such as USD and LRFD) or with allowable stress design (ASD) criteria. The loads are equally applicable to all conventional construction methods.

Topics include loads and load combinations, dead and live loads, construction loads, lateral earth pressures, environmental loads, and performance and safety criteria. The basis of loads are probabilistic analysis, observation of construction practices, and expert opinions. Maximum, as well as arbitrary point-in-time values of loads are given. Table of Contents: 1. General 2. Loads and Load Combinations 3. Dead and Live Loads 4. Construction Loads 5. Lateral Earth Pressure 6. Environmental Loads

Key Words:Loads; Construction methods; Design criteria; Earth pressure; Safety

Document History

  1. ASCE 37-14

    Design Loads on Structures During Construction

    • Most Recent
  2. ASCE 37-02


    Design Loads on Structures During Construction

    • Historical Version