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About This Item


Full Description

$iG$io and not go screw plugs, rings, and calipers; adjustable type setting plugs for screw rings and calipers; check plugs for solid screw rings; $ig$io and not go plain plugs and calipers. Inspection of product threads, use of various gauges, inspection of product threads by direct measurement, gauge tolerance tables. Appendices: illustration of tolerance zones, effective diameter equivalent of pitch and angle error, gauges for plated screw threads, setting to the size adjustable screw ring gauges, determining limiting sizes of gauges and setting plugs, comparison between British and American gauges.

Cross References:
BS 1044
BS 1580
BS 2517
BS 3382

Incorporates the following:
PD 4165 published 15 June 1961
PD 5096 published 15 November 1963
PD 5836 published 15 May 1966

Document History

  1. BS 919-1:2007

    Screw gauge limits and tolerances. Specification for gauges for screw threads of unified form

    • Most Recent
  2. BS 919-1:1960


    Specification for screw gauge limits and tolerances. Gauges for screw threads of Unified form

    • Historical Version